1st dating anniversary poems

24-Jan-2020 04:16

1st dating anniversary poems-37

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I wish every marriage could be as loving as the one this anniversary love poem describes. Everything Dear to Me When I look up and see you, my love, My whole world is filled with pleasure.

Through all the years we've shared, my love, You've been my greatest treasure.

My thoughts of the lake remind me of you, My wonderful, loving partner in life.

Through sunny days and stormy times, We've stayed together as husband and wife.

You show me what real love is all about, You fill my life with pleasure, joy and fun. You can customize our anniversary love poems to your personal taste.

In the following anniversary love message, if you don’t want to mention "tears," substitute another word, like "fun," for example.

By Joanna Fuchs This anniversary love poem tells of constant, consistent love through the years.

I love our anniversary now; I'm happier every year; I just wish there'd been more time For me to love you, Dear.Happy Feelings Anniversary It seems I've loved you all my life, My sweet, adorable, lovable wife.You create happy feelings deep down in my soul, Like eating wonderful treats from a limitless bowl.Passion, yes, and alsotender looks, casual caresses, fond wordsfilling my memories with pleasure forever.

With you, sweetheart, every year,every anniversary, is the best one yet.

This anniversary love poem, in free verse, says that true love lasts.