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Something like disease there—and a nice variety of it, too! A short time ago I heard one of them preaching in a field before thousands and thousands of people.A very different kettle of fish, I can tell you, to that which our pulpit droners give us, smothering the people with their scraps of Latin. To judge from Google Books results, "a fine/pretty kettle of fish" (meaning "a muddle") has been idiomatic in English since at least 1738, and "a different/another kettle of fish" (very quickly meaning simply "quite another thing") has been used since at least 1860.As Peter Shor's comment beneath Ralph Richardson's answer indicates, "kettle of fish" has been used as a slang term for several centuries.The same definition of the term that he points to appears in Francis Grose, . I doubt [that is, fear] we have but rouz'd a sleeping Lion : A stop-Thief has sometimes saved a House-breaker ; and many a Wench has sav'd her Reputation by crying Whore first : But the more this Matter is stirred, the more it stinks, and I doubt we have made a fine Kettle of Fish on't.The custom was described by Thomas Newte in his Tour of England and Scotland in 1785: “It is customary for the gentlemen who live near the Tweed to entertain their neighbours and friends with a Fete Champetre, which they call giving ‘a kettle of fish’.Tents or marquees are pitched near the flowery banks of the river ...From Oliver Optic, "I had almost forgot to mention that brother Joseph had arrived in New York, and telegraphs that he shall be here to-night by the New Haven train." "Just like you! "That everlasting niece of yours is in the way again." "A southerly wind and a cloudy sky" may be a very pleasant theme for fox-hunting squires in dear Old England, but when a man is under a cloud in a foreign country, with a southerly wind in his pockets, and Mary Thompson's mark, " M.T." on his clothes chest, then it's quite another kettle of fish. The faithful minister, we are told, may always rely on adequate and generous support, and if at any time, ...

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It means 'something different from the thing before'.he should be in a state of semi-starvation, he ought rather to like it than otherwise, especially if he has a wife and children.