16-May-2020 23:50

You don’t even notice that she hasn’t responded because your distracted by the new excitement of these new matches.

But then, you start realizing, wait a minute, no ones responding back to you.

Apparently girls need months and months before then can decide that they want to respond back to me with these tough hitting question?

That’s always kind of awkward when you’re supposed to be “working”.

I can only assume that’s the reason why, some how, some way they linked Single Steve with my real life eharmony account, and CANCELED me.

I know right, how ridiculous is it to be “communicating” with 50 different girls all at the same time, all waiting for them to respond.

So you’re saying I matched on 29 levels of compatibility with almost 2000 women in San Diego?

So before you know it, you’re waiting on 5 girls to respond back, and then it’s 10, then 20, then 50!


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That’s active, open, matches, that I’ve sent my multiple choice questions over to, and I’m patiently waiting for their response.

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