Amibroker charts not updating

25-Jan-2020 16:53

When load factor is 100% Ami Broker is able to keep updating all charts in real-time (more frequently than 5 times per second) and maintain responsive and smooth user-interface.

With load factor of 200% AMi Broker is still able to keep updating all charts as frequenty as 2.5 times per second, but user interface reaction time may be impaired a bit. 200% is maximum value that allows more or less "normal" operation.

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The status bar performance indicator shows: Load Factor is a percentage value that shows relative 'snappiness' of the program.(It does not include data access) Total data access time is sum of times required to access fresh data via plugin for all displayed symbols plus time required to apply time filtering, and time compression from base interval to displayed interval.Plug-in time per symbol is time spent in plug-in Get Quotes call per *single* symbol.It pauses when Amibroker is minimized, and starts recording again when Amibroker window returns normal. Typically if you minimize Ami Broker or some charts, there's no need to refresh them because they are not visible.

I hook this program by using the "Apply Indicator" in AFL editor. If you want to keep executing some AFLs when Ami Broker is minimized you can: Onlyvisible parameter set to True (default value) means that refreshes are triggered only for visible and not minimised windows.Now if the value of the first operand is sufficient to determine the result of the operation, the second operand is not evaluated.

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