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04-Mar-2020 23:42

We can grow up in the process of pursuing something, right? (laugh) How do I change when falling in love with someone? My ideal girlfriend in the real sense of meaning is one who has the same sense of values as me.If it's one-sided love, I will get crazy about her day by day and then tells her "I love you" honestly in the end. What is important is that we can feel the same way towards anything, like laughing, crying, irritating, pleasing together.If she can think in a different way from I do, she may give me better advice.Of course, we may also have a crush each other because of it though." and look forward to hearing the answer like, "Not yet! In addition, I want her to have different characters and a different sense of values.

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I don't want to be necking with my girlfriend in public because our relationship will last longer if we keep some sort of distance between us, you know.When it comes to my work, I want to be talented for various fields like acting, singing and dancing. I don't like horsing around so much about Valentine's Day or Xmas.