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It's the star treatment It's the star treatment The star treatment “Star Treatment” is the opener to the Arctic Monkeys' sixth studio album, co-produced by Alex Turner himself for the first time.

Throughout the song, Turner covers his past turmoils and inspirations before the fame, with a rich and meticulously crafted metaphor for how idolized celebrities are distorted by the media similar to the light of a star.

” becomes a metaphor for that part of everyone’s experience comprised of mistakes rather than endeavors.

The song’s refrain is an improvised exorcism of bad behavior—“Get off the bandwagon/ And put down the handbook!“I think we do a pretty good ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor’ cover.” Fans should also note that we don’t have to worry about the Arctic Monkeys experimenting with electronica.Jamie Cook said: Posted in Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Matt Helders, Nick O'Malley, tagged Arctic Monkeys, new city music, Their Time: Why Arctic Monkeys May Be the World’s Best Band on August 1, 2011| Leave a Comment » Their music always feels urgent…relentlessly pushing songs into full-sprint mode.Kane has joined the AMs on stage for “505.” (See the video embedded above.) According to Contact Music, Turner said: “No one’s ever been bold enough to ask it outright ever before.

And no, he hasn’t asked us.” Jamie Cook added: “If he did ask though, we probably would let him.” Alex then replied: “Yeah, we would in a second.The story is worth a read, the only qualm I have with it is that the authors cite Andy Nicholson as AM’s current bass player, and as we well know, Nick O’ Malley has been the band’s bass player since 2006.