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28-Apr-2020 22:49

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There’s the biannual colonoscopy to sit through, because at 52, Jack’s at that point in life.There’s also the social stigma, the difference in career phases, the fact that Boyz II Men brings him no childhood nostalgia whatsoever.While I’ll admit that it was Jack who introduced me to the joys of bottled wine over boxed and hotels over hostels, my husband is a guy who invests most of his money back into his business and his community—one of the reasons I fell for him—and I work hard to bring in my own.Besides, recent research suggests it’s millennial who are most likely to marry for money. “Your husband’s colonoscopy is done and he’s nearly ready to go home.” She walked me to where Jack, still loopy from anesthesia, chatted merrily with the surgery center staff, his naked butt exposed in his backless hospital gown. “Your…uh…um…”“Husband,” I filled in for her.“Right,” she said, eyebrows raised.

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Although society is trending toward greater acceptance of individual choice, there still exists the idea that by marrying older, a woman has turned against her gender (i.e., she’s perpetuating the fallacy that men should be providers while a woman’s value is as a trophy).

A gig wasn’t in the cards—his company wasn’t hiring—and neither was a romance.

Jack would tell me later that, although he’d found me cute in an overly eager, naïve sort of way, I wasn’t his type.

Popular theory suggests gold-digging is in effect, since older men presumably have greater financial security.

But three years into my marriage, I’m still (happily) driving a 2004 Honda Element with 160,000 miles and a back door held shut with my German Shepherd’s leash.I was a graduate student studying journalism, and I knew Jack (who was on a date at the time) was the owner of a local publishing company.