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Everything he did was exciting and new to Kate, but soon it cut into her real life and she wasn’t performing so well at work or missing too much.

She tried to talk to Rob about it but he didn’t care and eventually Kate had to cut back on their partying or lose her job.

Charles is good-natured and easy-going, while Mary unkind, snobby, and self-absorbed.

Mary is whiney and shrill, while Charles still acts like a child versus a man.

In fact when her child gets injured she argues with her husband about who can attend a party-gets upset when Charles says she should stay home with their child and then convinces Anne to babysit her boy.

Henderson then goes on to give a real life example of couple Brad and Louise.

When they got together, her bad habits caused Brad to pick up on it and he became a slob as well.Rob dumped her and quickly hooked up with some other girls, leaving Kate crying her heart out and trying to pick up the pieces of the life she had completely dropped for him.Beverly was a real party girl and would always go over the top when she had a few drinks.They would have been an awful couple always bickering, nasty, mocking, judgmental, rude, etc.

Kate an AT&T supervisor fell for Rob a rock ‘n roll guitarist.

They had a messy apartment, bills were always final notice or overdue, laundry piled up, and they began to resent each other. You have to look at whether the good outweighs the things that annoy you.