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13-Mar-2020 14:15

The issue is what sources, if any, are good sources of information not only about the beliefs of their authors but also about the historical facts pertaining to Jesus himself.

Broadly speaking, we can divide the texts that various religious movements have regarded as sources of information about Jesus into the following categories, listed in generally chronological order: We will compare these books by asking the following questions about each of them: (1) What do we know about the origins and history of the text?

What are the best sources of information about what Jesus taught, where he went, what he did, and who he claimed to be?

For Christians, the traditional answer has been that the best such sources are the four Gospels in the New Testament, entitled the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The Sackler Library at Oxford University houses a papyrus fragment containing part of Matthew 21 in Greek (known as P104) and another fragment containing part of John 18-19 in Greek (known as P90), both of which date to the middle of the second century.

The John Rylands Library in Manchester, England, holds another papyrus fragment containing part of John 18 in Greek (known as P52) that is dated to the first half of the second century.

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But it was just not the timing and so it was passed on, delayed. I can’t say by whom.” Now I (along with most people who followed all this) simply assumed that Carroll was wrong about the fragment having “been acquired,” when it was revealed in 2018 that “First-Century Mark” was in fact P. There is an interesting comment in Carroll’s 2016 talk to the Koinonia Institute at about the 40 minute mark (and, once again, thanks to the resourceful David Bradnick for digging up this video): “Let me add one more text from, uh, the gospels I don’t have a picture of, that should be published some time this year.And you’ll hear about it, and when you do, you’ll remember, ‘Oh yes, uh, Scott Carroll mentioned it.’ There’s actually a, a fragment of the Gospel of Mark that’s been discovered that has been tentatively dated somewhere between 70 AD and like 110 AD. Um, this is outstanding because, uh, the more liberal scholars, uh, like Bart Ehrman from, uh, from the University of North Carolina, uh, has said that the, uh, Gospel of Mark was the gospel written, and was probably written around 200.

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