Beauty and brains intimidating breaking the ice on online dating sites

08-Feb-2020 05:29

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Remember it's not your fault that nice guys are intimidated by you.

It's not your fault that your attractiveness tends to lead the wrong guy to you all too often.

They strangely enough also confuse beauty with rudeness (or not being nice) and convince themselves that they're right about it all.

They try so hard to treat you differently they become just like every other nice guy ALL trying to do the same.

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They confuse beauty with kindness and think they're actually related to each other.Not lastly - as this is something you may have already experienced... Those are typically guys who live in your friends zone until they either grow tired and can not handle the pain of being around you all the time, listening to you talk about other men, all without ever being something more to you - they then move on to another woman is slowly remove themselves from your life entirely.