Bishoujo dating game online

11-Dec-2019 22:14

Through these interactions he becomes overwhelmed because he’s just not sure who’s best for him, and so this creates a love triangle between him, Kotonoha Katsura, and Sekai Saionji.

This is a game that will take up a chunk of your time, since replaying it multiple times will reward you with a chance to further the already romantic plot in a new direction.

This is what makes the game such a powerful one because as you read through the lines of text, you start to see a little bit of yourself in Hisao, as he learns to understand the world around him and realize that none of us is perfect and that we just need to accept who we are as individuals in spite of what fate throws at us.

If My Heart Had Wings is created around the eroge genre, and focuses on the struggling life of Aoi as he tries to find direction in his life.

What better game to play when you’re relaxing than a visual novel to keep you stimulated.

Visual Novel games are known for their very immersive gameplay and allow players to take the lead in the story, giving you a very personal feel when playing.

While there are adult themes located throughout the game, much of the series has the player building this very close bond with Hisao, as he tries to overcome his differences and perhaps live a more positive and richer life.