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02-Feb-2020 15:16

So I'm 46 with a happy but not sexually full filling marriage.

i thought my time for getting jiggy with a lady under the age of 40 had gone .......... " She's really getting into this I thought, dare I just "And you'd love it ! "The best you can hope for is madam hand and her four daughters you dirty old cunt.

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I'd been writing dirty stories for ages and had them stashed in a folder, in a folder, etc on my laptop. I'm just approaching the point of no return, my helmet shining with pre-cum, my eyes drinking in a young lesbian grinding her cunt onto an older woman's face, when I get a text. I'd always thought that she was fit but this is my daughter's mate, the same age. Her left leg slowly raised and she played with the strap on her shoe. I couldn't help myself, my eyes snapped toward her gusset, please let me see her cunt. My shaft stands proud, helmet gleaming, alive to the release. Her nipples stand firm atop her gorgeous, heavy breasts. Wank yourself but don't cum 'till I say" Having set the rules she opened her legs and leaned back. She ran her right hand across her stomach, trailing it through her landing strip to arrive at her prominent clitty. " Her legs jerked and a series of spasms ran through her and I could see her arse contract as pussy spasmed in orgasm. She looked at my cock sticking out through my fly, my hand unble to stop rubbing. My cunt is ready to be fucked but it won't be you ..........." My spunk hit her straight in the face. I shot her twice in the face and dribbled on her tits.

I woke up with an erection and I started the day by masturbating, my mind running through various fantasies until I had a nice cum in bed. » Read more I was never allowed to be sexual at home.

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