C program for validating date

26-Feb-2020 07:52

To do this, we're going to switch up our code a little bit and create a string instead of a character.

Strings are a little more flexible in what they can hold, but they have their own limitations (remember garbage in = garbage out).

The class cin is part of the iostream library (recall that we included that in our file), and it actually has some helpful functions to prevent the out-of-control loop we just encountered.

The fail function will return true if there are errors in the input stream.

Since we're using a string now, we will need to refer to the first element within the string, and that's always element 0 in C .

When it runs, you won't be able to enter anything outside of the range. Hint: Type Ctrl C to stop the program from spinning!

The form class begins with the usual imports, namespace declaration, and class constructor.

The next bit of code to look at in this form is the date time picker's Close Up event handler; it is in this handler and not in the control's validation event handler that we actually do the validation; by making the check here we may perform the validation and possibly the rollback to the prior value without issuing the duplicated confirmation message.

void check(char a[]); main() void check(char a[]) Enter your password that should satisfy the following criteria 1. length should be atleast 6 Shahul12$ your password is successfully created Process returned 0 (0x0) execution time : 17.182 s Press any key to continue.

password should contain atleast one capital letter 2. We can look at validation in terms of numeric or string validation.