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24-Apr-2020 21:41

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He wanted to do the Father's will, and that desire overshadowed everything else. It's a determination to be satisfied with what God has given you today.

Because of this, it's possible to be content in your single state.

Have your friends ever tried to explain away, or justify, your singleness?

Christ was content going to the cross, but He didn't really want to go.

Deep down, we want to trust Him, but we wonder if we really can. We wonder if He knows us as well as we think we know ourselves.”“For now, suffice it to say that your purpose as a single Christian is to please the Lord.

You cannot please the Lord when you’re nursing a grudge about your singleness.

And if you practice contentment today, you'll be better prepared for whatever life brings your way. You're right where God wants you to be One of the biggest struggles we face as Christian singles is wondering whether we've messed up God's plan for our lives.

It seems we don't fit into the prescribed pattern for the Christian life, so perhaps we took a wrong turn somewhere — went to the wrong school, took the wrong job, turned someone down for a date when we should have said yes.For most of us, being single isn't what we planned. Why has He blessed most of our friends with the very thing we want? I've asked singles across the nation about the emotional struggles they face. But these difficult emotions lurk in the corners and sometimes take over - like when they get five wedding invitations in the course of one summer. As a single person, I wanted to understand why God put me here. You may not get married "What do you want your life to be like if you never get married? The truth is, God hasn't promised any of us marriage.