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13-Jul-2020 00:14

I learnt a lot from these two projects, especially in terms of creative teamwork, which I hadn’t really done before.All I seem to have made is art, which might make it look like I have been writing very little this year, but in fact this is not the case – I think I have been writing more than ever, with a burning inspiration.

As for the 5k pic, I’ve grown to dislike it so much that I don’t know whether or not I should try to finish it in the first place. is one of the few visual novels that I’ve heard wasn’t much better as a VN than it is as anime. Now that the year has changed everywhere around the globe, I thought I would write a little post on 2009.It was a pretty interesting year for me and very eventful – there were even 2 releases from Lux VNs, , both of which were collaborations in which I worked as an artist.People who work in Antarctica in support of science are usually thoughtful people who do give gifts.

Because there is no shopping there, and because there are months when each scientific station is isolated, some gifts are re-gifts. I can’t promise to be able to blog more before summer (freedom, yay), but luckily my holidays will start within a month, so it actually isn’t a very long time.