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He was the first editor of the magazine, which proved popular for its lively and accessible style. In 1949 Classey discovered, in Co Galway in the Irish Republic, a moth called the Burren Green, a coup about which he wrote in The Entomologist's Gazette.

The following year he began a new business from his home, trading in antiquarian, new and second-hand natural history books and publications.

EW Classey became a limited company in 1959, and his catalogues were a source of invaluable material for libraries, universities, museums and research institutions across the world.

Classey travelled widely during his life, accompanying other entomologists on expeditions as far afield as Nigeria, Borneo, the Dominican Republic, Japan, the United States, Singapore and eastern Europe.

He left school at 14, to work as a biological assistant at St Mary's Hospital Medical School, before moving to the Natural History Museum, where he helped to organise the display of the insects which had been collected from all over the world.

He was to remain involved with the museum for the rest of his life.

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Just two weeks before his death he purchased a Greek dictionary to help him further his research into the origins of the English language. He is survived by their three sons and one daughter.

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