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The amplification and/or deletion of these genomic regions, and/or the biomarker expression profiles can be used to classify patients with ADC into a BAC group with excellent survival outcome, or an invasive ADC with BAC features group with higher risk of developing metastatic recurrence and poorer survival outcome.The application also includes kits for use in the methods of the application.(b) comparing the expression of the one or more biomarkers with a control, wherein a difference or a similarity in the expression of the one or more biomarkers between the control and the test sample is used to classify the subject with lung adenocarcinoma into a bronchioloalveolar carcinoma BAC group or invasive adenocarcinoma ADC group is used to prognose the subject with lung adenocarcinoma into a poor survival group or a good survival group.b) obtaining one or more biomarker reference expression profiles associated with a disease subtype, wherein the subject biomarker expression profile and the biomarker reference profile each has a plurality of values, each value representing an expression level of a biomarker, wherein the one or more biomarkers are selected from Table 1, 2, 3 and/or 4; andc) selecting the biomarker reference expression profile most similar to the subject biomarker expression profile, to thereby classify the subject as having BAC or invasive ADC, or to thereby predict a prognosis for the subject.

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The Kraljic Portfolio Purchasing Model helps purchasers understand where their products are classified in terms of supply risk and profit contribution, and also know whether the balance of power lies with them or with their suppliers.

A set of decision rules are specified, each such rule being associated with a classification and a control point name, said rule being adapted to affect the behavior of the application by calculating a value or making a decision.

A set of control points is specified and built into the application at those points in the application flow at which variability of behavior controlled by rules is desired, each such control point being associated with a control point name and one or more classification categories. 09/993,718, both of which are signed to a common assignee and incorporated herein by reference. Technical Field The present invention relates generally to an improved data processing system and in particular to an improved method and apparatus for managing a business system that relies on a large number of business rules.

wherein the one or more biomarkers are selected from Table 2 and/or 4 and wherein a decrease in expression or gene copy number of one or more biomarkers compared to the control is indicative the subject has invasive ADC.(c) treating the subject with chemotherapy or surgery when the subject has an increase in the expression level of one or more biomarkers from Table 3, a decreased expression of one or more biomarkers from Table 4, and/or an increase in the gene copy number of one or more biomarkers listed in Table 13. (1 April 2008) Expression Profile-Defined Classification of Lung Adenocarcinoma Shows Close Relationship With Underlying Major Genetic Changes and Clinicopathologic Behaviors.

I define research consolidation as comparing and combining (amalgamating or, at least, juxtaposing) results or other output from multiple previously conducted research activities, relevant to a goal or topic of interest.A set of classification categories are specified, each classification category representing a different purpose of classification.