Crystal castles courtship dating song meaning

22-Oct-2019 05:58

In this, the album may prove disappointing to the fans of experimental extremes and noise music, but it is a solid composition for any listener of more traditional electronic music, and serves as a great first-listen to those new to the genre.

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This is in part due to Glass's dynamic vocal ability, and in part due to the expert vocal production of Matthew von Wagner, drawing on the live sound manipulation techniques of the Musique Concrete movement of the 1940's and 50's.

Wagner uses these techniques so brilliantly that Glass's voice is almost unrecognizable as human in tracks such as "Xxzxcuzx Me".

While on first listen these songs seem designed to produce the involuntary movements of the head, hips, and limbs that the techno-dance genre often does, upon closer listen one finds that there is more to be discovered.

Unlike many albums in the genre, it is easy to lay back and just listen to "Crystal Castles".

Hell, Kath said all of the profits from the physical copies of Amnesty (I) would have been donated to Amnesty International.

I only found out about this band after Alice left, but i still really respected her and appreciated her contributions and amazing lyrics.

While Kath produces the beats throughout the album in the tradition of Electronische Musik, using purely electronic sound, he does not shy away from the world of sampling, manipulating tracks from artists such as Death From Above 1979, HEALTH, Grandmaster Flash, Van She, and others to bring further depth to his music.

It can be an oddly introspective experience, taking you through yourself and back without telling you what, if anything, you will find.