22-Sep-2019 09:32

Then the binding is described in the XML (using a mustache syntax).

With an XML declaration, only the names of the properties are set - for the target: text, and for source: text Source.

For executing the function in the code behind, the following syntax should be used in the XML - tap="on Tap" and for the function from the binding Context - tap="". All examples above demonstrate how to bind a UI element to a property of the binding Context.

If there is only plain data, there is no property to bind, so the binding should be to the entire object.

Generally, almost every UI control could be bound to a data object (all Native Script controls are created with data binding in mind).

After your code has met the following requirements, you can use data-binding out of the box.

You can eliminate the data binding as the problem by adding a value converter and break into the debugger.

If the value is what you expected, then data binding is not your issue.

For a continuous flow of data changes, the source property needs to emit a property Change event.

An exception is not thrown when data binding breaks, so global exception handlers are of no use.

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