Dating a gillette razor

11-Jul-2020 09:05

This results in an extremely close shave and a very smooth finish.The blades are coated in Diamond Like Coating (DLC) for super strong and sharp blades. The blades are also spring mounted which adjust to all different skin types and form the Pressure Control System.This razor has been engineered with Gillette’s thinnest razors to date. The 5 razors are housed within the razor head, which has anti-clogging slots for easier cleaning.The Fusion5 Pro Glide also features a Streamlined Comfort Guard.This flexible material is soft and surrounds the Micro-Fins.

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It was easy to hold in all directions and I was able to get a really even shave without trying too hard.There was no irritation or redness at all, and the shave was super close and even.I would recommend it for sensitive skin too because the lubricating strip did it’s job, and ensured that the razor glided smoothly with every stroke.Some men just prefer the look that a close and clean shave provides.

While it would be fantastic to have a professional shave with a barber each day, it’s just not logical or convenient.As the name suggests, this razor has three spring-mounted blades.