Dating a recovering anorexic

29-Nov-2019 22:53

Eating disorders are often a silent disease, hidden in the shadows and closets of life.Unfortunately, however hard someone tries to keep it secret and separate, an eating disorder inevitably ends up affecting almost every aspect of a person’s life.You can’t fix your partner, but there are ways you can be there for her and, hopefully, point her toward recovery.If your partner is struggling with all of these things we’ve listed, it’s understandable for you to feel helpless or overwhelmed.It may be your partner’s eating disorder, but it’s affecting you too.Romantic relationships require honesty, vulnerability and intimacy from both partners in order to be healthy and successful, and the very nature of eating disorders erodes these crucial relationship elements.Throughout our twelve years together, my husband has held my hand through two relapses.Initially, holding my hand was the extent of how he knew to offer his support.

I’ve read numerous articles about parental support and involvement in recovery for their loved ones with eating disorders.DON’T equate holding us accountable to being unsupportive.

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