Dating a woman with large breasts

09-Dec-2019 04:38

She states that her large bust started developing around the age of 9.

Miss Hawkins actually has a medical condition called breast hypertrophy which causes her breast to grow at alarming rates. She has been advised by many doctors to get a breast reduction but Annie does not want to mess with nature.

Who can be sure what the heck that means but her boobs are definitely ginormous!

Her doctors estimate that her breasts have grown from the original 2500cc they contained on surgery day, to 7000cc today.

Chelsea also claims to have the largest breasts in the world but gives an exaggerated cup size of 153xxx.Some chests are so big, we can't help but wonder how they women walk around or stand up straight.Surely there is a lot of risk and back pain involved, but for these women, they must think it is all worth it.Sadly she has been quoted that she went through all of this because she "can't stand life".

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After winning the European Large Breast Championship, Lolo died tragically at 37 years old.Most women want a bigger set of tatas at some point in their life, but these ladies take the cake.