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23-Dec-2019 22:51

The obesity stigma We conclude with a brief exploration of one of the most important factors related to obese heterosexual adolescents’ lesser chances of dating.

Specifically, obese adolescents may be less likely to date due to cultural factors, notably the stigma associated with obesity, but likely also due to peer pressure to date normal to less-than-average weight partners.

As such, the time between puberty and the formation of committed relationships, such as marriage, is one involving romantic and sexual relationship exploration and experimentation, a period which entails choosing shorter- or longer-term mates from pools of eligible partners [1,2].

For many young people in the United States, however, partner selection during adolescence may be complicated by the rapidly increasing incidence of obesity, as young people who are obese may experience multiple barriers to dating, including cultural stigmas, as well as evolutionary barriers associated with signals of overall health and/or pregnancy status.

In the section that follows, we discuss the most permanent of these milestones in detail, namely, that of marriage.In this piece, we summarize what is known about this topic, and highlight the need for much more research.Obesity, marriage, and dating While Americans are waiting longer to get married – the average age of first marriage is 27 years for women and 29 for men – in many ways young people begin the mate selection processes long before, around the onset of puberty.Obesity and Dating in Detail Both adolescent men and women prefer dating partners who are not seriously overweight, with men showing a greater aversion towards dating an overweight partner than women [8,9].

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A recent study based on Add-Health data suggests, however, a racial difference in the chances of dating for non-Hispanic Black versus White females [6].Research by [7] drawing on a 2003 sample from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health), finds that overweight adolescent girls and boys are less likely to initiate sex for the first time, and are also less likely to date [5].

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