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24-Sep-2019 17:44

While a plain old hike can get a bit boring for younger kids, you can make it an exciting father-daughter date by creating an adventure.

Grab some maps, snacks for the road and create a check list of all the things you want to find on the hike (acorns/leaves/pretty stones).

Even just grabbing bagels and coffee will be special when it’s just dad and the kids.

Whether you are handy or not, it can be so much fun to build something with dad.

While these daddy daughter date ideas would make a wonderful treat any day or the year, they would be fantastic as a gift idea for dad’s birthday or Father’s day.

You could choose one of the dates below or present him with a monthly coupon book so you have a year’s worth of dates!

It’s a great rainy day activity that doesn’t cost anything!

(As long as you don’t get persuaded to take home a new friend! This date can even be done early morning before work and school!

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You can pick up unpainted ones up for cheap at the dollar store then paint them in the backyard.Kids just love helping out and will be thrilled to be your assistant for a big project.