Dating bathroom etiquette accommodating high churchman

08-Mar-2020 10:52

They can be set up for a sitting posture or for a squatting posture (squat toilet).

Flush toilets are usually connected to a sewer system in urban areas and to septic tanks in less built-up areas.

Public toilets consist of one or more toilets (and commonly urinals) which are available for use by the general public.

Portable toilets or chemical toilets may be brought in for large and temporary gatherings.

In other words: "Toilets are sanitation facilities at the user interface that allow the safe and convenient urination and defecation".

Toilets can be with or without flushing water (flush toilet or dry toilet).

Globally, nearly one billion people have no access to a toilet at all, and are forced to do open defecation (particularly in India).Historically, sanitation has been a concern from the earliest stages of human settlements.