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The adjustable razor products went through many iterations and refinement over the years.

The last version produced was the I-2 diamond knurled Super Adjustable "Black Beauty" with black plastic bottom plate. First, there were the Serial Toggles which had a 4 digit serial number stamped into the bottom plate and were sold for .50.

However, the Slim was too short for some customers and expensive to produce.

Gillette went back to the drawing board and produced the Super Adjustables (1968 - 1988).

“The act of shaving is more than just removing hair from your face,” says Sushant Trivedi, a manager at Gillette.

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Toggles, Bottom Dials and Fatboys models were all fighting it out to be the best.Too many models of double edge razors were a distraction to the cartridge razor markets which were strong and profitable.From 1977 to 1988 the sole reigning model of adjustable double edge safety razor was a 109 mm black handled version with nickel plated brass doors and black plastic bottom plate. In this system, the 18 different types are each unique in their own special way.There were two models of Super Adjustable, 84 millimeter and 109 millimeter versions. Also, a gold Super Adjustable (1969 - 1970) was made to be sold as gifts for a short time.

By 1977, the short super adjustable and the gold gift version had been discontinued.However, doing so and keeping a consistent, constant, safe heat, that's reached quickly enough that you don't get impatient and then lasts long enough to shave? And of course, the razor needs to be waterproof, so as you don't electrocute yourself . I haven't timed it because my reactions aren't quick enough but the hot bar on the GHR comes up to temperature in no more than a second – short enough that you don't need to think about it.