Dating immature woman

13-Dec-2019 11:54

Given they are constantly in groups, they are ever competing who will sleep with the highest number of women.They talk about the escapades, ingratiating everyone with tales like a teenage boy who just had his first fulfilling sexual experience.There is an outcry from women over lack of serious men to get into relationships with or to marry them.There is not enough scientific data to back up such claims, but any keen observer will tell you Kenya’s urban centres, especially Nairobi, are full of men in their late 20s and 30s who have completely refused to grow up. Most of them, for instance, cannot get enough of toys; they drive sports cars (those tiny toys no self-respecting man would proudly give his mother-in-law a lift in, that is, if she at all accepts to board such a toy).While there are those who genuinely cannot afford to move out (jobs are no longer available in this country), many can easily afford to start lives elsewhere, but are pampered by their parents.

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But with time, women regret ever giving them a chance in the first place.

A tale is told of a veteran ‘Kijana’ politician (now deceased) from Western Kenya who had a penchant for cartoons, so much so that he would spend an entire weekend watching them. Living with parents There is something absolutely wrong with an adult in his late 20s or over 30 who has no qualms living in his parent’s house.

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