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Later on, during dinner, they moved on to equally risqué topics like threesomes and sexual fantasies.Ultimately, she thought he was a "sweetheart" but a little immature after he tried and failed to plant a goodnight kiss on her lips.Abby (26, swag maker) was shocked (to say the least) when Jewel (28, spiritual advisor) brought her to a BDSM dungeon for some spanking on their date.And over dinner, Jewel continued to reveal her eccentric personality by talking about her experiences penetrating men and her fondness for sexual "dental play." In the end, these two agreed they're better off as friends.After Allison revealed she's a single mom, Adam asked for another date but she pulled the kid card to avoid spending any more time with him."As tempting as that is, I actually do have to go get Jackson, she said. Zach (28, fitness instructor) and Dina's (30, karaoke DJ/singer) uniquely quirky personalities did not mesh, but allowed for some pretty hilarious moments during their mini golfing date followed by drinks.They just didn't seem to be vibing and when Shane revealed he never wants to get married, Alaia officialy friend-zoned him for life.

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David (30, flight attendant) and Tyrone (27, fitness coach) had a blast while getting sweaty and steamy during their acrobatics date."Lexi came off a bit more materialistic than what I'm used to and I wish her the best," Shaun recounted at the end of the day.Maury (24, dancer & yoga instructor) and Daniel (28, active military) saw sparks flying from the beginning of their safari wine tour.Despite their religious differences, the duo definitely had fun together but aren't sure their relationship will get more serious than friendship.

Taylor (26, makeup artist) and Lam (29, bud-tender) both agreed their date went "great" after getting tattoos and bonding over dinner, but Taylor admitted that she thinks it's a little too soon to meet Lam's mother (he stills lives with his parents).

"I think you're really freaking cool but I don't think we have chemistry in that way," Abby told Jewel, who happily agreed.