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04-Nov-2019 11:02

The F means glossy, the 3 is the contrast designation.Single weight refers to the thickness of the paper base. Velox Rapid was primarily used for making contact prints from quarter plate or smaller B W negatives. because through some strange twists of fate, I was able to get my hands on this sealed, cold stored box of Velox that has been expired for Sixty two years.This means that the light sensitive chemical mixture in paper and film are suspended in gelatin with a few added little things before being applied to the base paper or plastic during manufacture.This is the same gelatin as found in products such as Jello.However, most of the pictures do not have any clear id for dates on the back of the photos. so that's out (unless there is info on the negatives I can look to) but most have some imprint of their own code: a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters but nothing I have been able to figure out from my own memory of when they were taken.I have asked the local shops, but those who work there have no history of pre-digital cameras.Often times you will see old film begin to show a color shift and lower sensitivity.

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The vast majority were taken in the early to late 90s.

However, for those who may need to pinpoint the time / dates - there is another link related to the post above which discusses more in detail where to look on negatives or film if forensics discovery is needed.

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