Dating with bipolar

16-Feb-2020 20:38

I believe individuals with bipolar or any mental health condition add depth and understanding to a person’s life.

I questioned myself and my sanity, which was the wrong thing to do.These stereotypes shape our perception of mental illness to some extent or in some cases, completely. The signs and symptoms of mental illness can be subtle and hard to pinpoint.In simple terms, bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes severe mood swings. If you are dating someone who has this illness, handling them can be tricky, as you could mistakenly assume they’re having a bad day, are being moody, or having trouble at work.When you’re first getting to know someone I’d suggest letting the person get to know your character before opening up about your condition.

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It is not necessary for you to reveal your diagnosis up front.I have learned a lot from men I’ve been romantically involved with—including the ones who have treated me poorly.