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You are not interested in a proper relationship and you are only looking for something casual.

4) You both like each other, so waiting is pointless as you don’t want to waste any time.

" Maybe while wearing a T-shirt with "That's my groove thing I'm shaking." How dare I joke about a disability?!

Truth be told, I can't really take credit for this approach.

Also, either of you could contract an unwanted STI.

Wear a condom, take your pills, do whatever you need to do to stay safe.


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(Clearly, her disability -- being a compassionless bitch -- is just less visible than yours.) However, I'm not going to kumbaya you.But, as for your notion that your condition is "so personal," a spastic colon is personal; a woman won't know about yours unless it's in such an advanced state that it cuts into conversation to correct her grammar.Your tremors, however, become public the moment you walk into a place to meet a woman -- which is actually the perfect time to make a crack like, "Is it freezing in here, or do I have a muscular disorder?Try to have a clear head before sleeping with someone.

5) It’s much better to wait a few dates and get to know someone first.2) The attraction level and chemistry between you both is so strong that you just can’t help yourself.