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13-Aug-2020 16:41

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If you have trouble memorizing the moves, I suggest making short-form notes of what they are as they happen (i.e. Remember, there's no time pressure to execute the dance. Keiji: Every other turn, reveals the opponent's first 2 cards. (Hard) Gin: While Sara is up, restores 1 health every 3 turns. (Normal) Card 1: If at 0 energy, 50/50 between Charge and Block. Thus, you'll never take damage if you pick Block as your third card. If they're out of energy by Card 3, you know you're safe from attack on Card 3. Card 1: Player at 0 energy, opponent at 1 energy: 66/33 between Beam and Charge. Player at 1 energy: 75/25 between Charge and Block. Repeatedly touch the heart until the minigame ends.

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Sara Chidouin returns home from school late one night to discover that something's gone terribly wrong. This store does not ship outside of Japan, so an external service like Tenso must be used - expect significant shipping costs. I've created a translation patch for the demo which those who have purchased it can apply to play in English. (Normal) Gin: While Sara is up, gives her back 1 health after each opponent. With Gin up, he memorizes the first 3 moves at 3 health, first 5 at 2 health, and first 7 at 1 health. (As a rule, even when doing "random moves," none of the opponents will ever do the same move twice in a row, for the sake of visual clarity.) The second opponent starts with either Left Right Left Right, or Right Left Right Left. Nankidai has requested people to refrain from sharing anything about the demo's content online. effective only when controlling Sara, or effective with either character).

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