Depreciation carbon dating

09-Aug-2020 10:24

Utility companies, too, are increasingly making investments in renewable energy.

The 2017 Integrated Resource Management Plan for Pacifi Corp called for an investment in solar energy development and adding 1,150 megawatts of new wind resources by the end of 2020.

The depreciation date for Hunter is 2042 and for Huntington in 2036, which means the "mortgage" on those assets is paid off.

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"The bottom line is that Pacifi Corp knows it may have to accelerate retirement of some coal plants because they simply can't compete with lower-cost alternatives," he said."It is not that coal plants are getting more expensive, it is that the alternatives are getting cheaper," said Sarah Wright, executive director of Utah Clean Energy.Washington and Oregon, in particular, have state energy policies that demand the removal of coal from their portfolio by 2030 — in favor of renewable — which is prompting Pacifi Corp to take another look at coal plant closings.Thomas Young, a spokesman with Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign, pointed out the study was incomplete.

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"It’s important to note that Pacifi Corp’s analysis did not model a comprehensive set of coal retirement and replacement options, so there could be scenarios with greater savings," he said, including technological upgrades that are still legally required.SALT LAKE CITY — Its own analysis that shows 60 percent of its coal-fired power plant units are more costly to run than shutter is prompting Pacifi Corp to request additional time to review their potential operational life.

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