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14-May-2020 07:03

A full listing of workshops is available at These include “Drum Machine,” a one-woman, historical musical by Jill Bernard; “The Well-Made Play,: an improvised two-act play featuring performers from Austin’s Hideout Theater; “Schrampflin Falls,” an effort from Seattle’s Unexpected Productions, which takes the classic play “Our Town” and spins it on its head; “Pint of Life,” during which Los Angeles-based performer Yichao shares a pint of ice cream on stage; “PUMPS,” an all-women ensemble from LA; and Je Ju, a recently married couple who use their experiences and the audience’s to explore what people care about.

A full schedule of shows is also available on the festival’s website.

“I think I’ve only done the future twice,” Bernard said.

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Huge arguments over dead parrots, a cheese shop's inventory or whether two people were having an argument could escalate into dizzying wordplay. As veterans of earlier sketch shows, each of the Pythons knew the form well enough to shatter and reconfigure the format.

"Their stuff is a lot more sweeping and lasting than almost anything else, because they weren't taking on current events — they were addressing history itself.

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As phrases such as "nudge, nudge" became a nerd lingua franca, proved that something completely different could, in fact, translate worldwide.

"There's not one minute of it that seems dated," novelist Dave Eggers said about the show in 2004.

I said, ‘Why don’t we do the future Civil War, since we all know that it’s coming.’” Bernard said she is looking forward to seeing “The Well Made Play” and some of the other acts slated for Saturday that are fairly far removed from “Whose Line Is It Anyway”-style improv games. Late shows are at the Hangar Ballroom, 2 Marine Way.