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They thought that Halloween was druidic and pagan in origin.

Lamps made from turnips (not pumpkins) had been part of ancient Celtic harvest festivals, so they were translated to the American Halloween celebration.

The mixture of various immigrant traditions we know as Halloween had become a fixture in the Unites States by the early 1800’s. The greeting card industry added them in the late 1800s.

To this day, it remains unknown in Europe, even in the countries from which some of the customs originated. Halloween was already “ghoulish,” so why not give witches a place on greeting cards?

5, 1605, when the man guarding the gunpowder, a reckless convert named Guy Fawkes, was captured and arrested. During the penal periods, bands of revelers would put on masks and visit local Catholics in the dead of night, demanding beer and cakes for their celebration: trick or treat!

Rather, this custom arose in France during the 14th and 15th centuries.

But, by the time of the American Revolution, old King James and Guy Fawkes had pretty much been forgotten.

Trick or treat, though, was too much fun to give up, so eventually it moved to Oct. And in America, trick or treat wasn’t limited to Catholics.

Late medieval Europe was hit by repeated outbreaks of the bubonic plague — the Black Death — and she lost about half her population.

It is not surprising that Catholics became more concerned about the afterlife.

During the penal period of the 1500s to the 1700s in England, Catholics had no legal rights.