Dynamic software updating

23-Aug-2020 14:27

This visibility makes device category a good choice for managing our update rings.

The Intune Administrator creates device categories in the console.

This feature enables us to apply software update rings to dynamic groups where the membership can be based on just about any user or device property that suits our needs.

In most cases, applying Windows 10 Update Rings to devices, rather than users, is the best approach to ensure that updates can be better tracked across specific hardware and software combinations.

Microsoft Intune provides management of Window 10 Update Rings to enable Windows as a Service, via the Software Updates feature.

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Proof-Carrying Code [17] or Typed Assembly Language [16]), which is native code accompanied by annotations that allow on-line verification of the code’s safety.

We present a new approach for C-like languages that provides type-safe dynamic updating of native code in an extremely flexible manner (code, data, and types may be updated, at programmer-determined times) and permits the use of automated tools to aid the programmer in the updating process.