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Now, don't forget that Ed hasn't exactly been enthusiastic about defining his relationship with Jaclyn — at least not yet.In fact, Ed's casual pickle-dipping attitude caused poor Jaclyn to collapse into a puddle of tears. Jaclyn and Ed have a few drama-filled episodes ahead of them (that's right, Ed has a piece on the side back at home). They're still kinda, maybe, sorta seeing each other!" Michael retorts, 5,000 is a ton of money, why be so greedy? The Big Reveal Nick and Rachel return with their chalkboards and bodyguards. She tried to leave me three times, knowing that it would screw me over. Rachel says, "I came on the show for both the possibility of winning the money and also maybe a chance at love again. I had to talk to you, Jaclyn had to talk to you, and you told me it was Jaclyn's words that kept you here, not mine. Drama, Drama, Drama Chris Harrison asks Erica if Bachelor Pad is just a game of lies.Erica says yes, and, if you cannot lie (like her), you'll struggle in the game. But I wasn't rubbing her leg either during the movie." Neither Kalon nor Lindzi respond to Erica's rumors/accusations.There was a time that I thought I was really close to both. Never once did you say, 'I'm going to stick it out for your sake, Nick.' In the final competition you told me if it were you and Michael, you'd win this for sure. One of them isn't a possibility anymore, but I am close to the money right now. I came here to win, but you cannot win without a partner, so I choose to share."Rachel picks share. I think it's really ironic that nobody sitting up there in the cast, audience, or home would have put their money on me to win this.

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I think you should have just thought about that." Sarah defends Chris's game and character. If they both choose share, they split the money evenly. Nick tells her if she had been all in the partnership, instead of crying about Michael the whole time, he would have been cool with splitting the money. Blakeley simply says she didn't come on Bachelor Pad to make friends. After she insults the virgin, she says to Blakeley, "You have no good reason to not be friends with me. I don't know what I did to deserve someone like that. I want you to be confident that I'm in this for you and that I'm in this forever."Tony gets down on his knee and proposes to Blakeley… " Nick addresses the , "I stayed out of all of the drama. I don't think you'd be any great father for her daughter Ricki." Jaclyn wants to know why Rachel didn't fight harder to bring her and Ed to the finale. Nick says he wasn't out to hurt Rachel, he just played the game.

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