Excel 2016 application screenupdating not working

10-Oct-2019 04:14

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When you run the macro normally, everything else functions properly, but the data is not refreshed. Application") URL = " https://efolio.morgankeegan.com/escripts/default Logon.asp? Ready State 4: Do Events: Loop .document.getelementbyid("f User Name").Value = " User Name " .document.getelementbyid("f Password").What I want is for my code to execute as soon as the data connection refresh has finished.When I use the statement Code: The code executes the macro whilst the refresh is still happening, thereby screwing up my results.But if I type anything else (numbers, letters, or symbols) then it types 2 instances of the key every time, yet when I hit enter, nothing changes in the cell.I also can't really bring focus to the excel window if something else (ie.Value = " Password " End With On Error Resume Next x = 0 For Each mitem In IE.mitem.Value = "x" x = x 1 Next x = 0 For Each mitem In IE.If x = "Submit" Then mitem.

When a user double-clicks a row it triggers the code through the Workbook_Sheet Before Double Click event. Code: This works, but I want to hide the text as it is entered. The code runs without errors, but doesn't actually "hit" the submit button on the webpage.I am using below code to Select the Visible rows in the target range: Code: Problems in this code a 1) after applying the filter, while selecting the data it is selecting all the rows in given range till last row on the workbook. Hi, This is a very basic question, but i have been struggling for hours, so I must ask. Create Item(0) On Error Resume Next With Out Mail . I've made sure that screenupdating is turned back on at the end of every procedure.I need this to select the the data only till the last used row in the given range. I I trying to simply fill a combobox on a userform from a named range on a sheet, I want to populate the combobox as soon as the userform starts. If I go into the VBE, I can manually run procedures and they all work fine.What I'm trying is the following formula in Cell E2 of sheet 2: =INDEX('Sheet 1'! I am looking for the code to select the visible data after applying a data filter. Then it gets really strange - when I have a cell highlighted and press any key to input text, it gets duplicated.

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Actually I know how to select the data after applying the data filter but the issue is I am not able to exclude the header row and give the target range as used (non-blank) rows only!! So if I press "s' it will input "ss" into the cell, and then when I press enter it will auto-move to the next cell down, but nothing ends up getting saved into the previous cell. I can't think of anything in my macro that would have these kinds of effects.After the code is executed Excel shows a message that the cell that was clicked was protected etc etc. I've already tried Code: Hi Excel experts, I am working on a worksheet, and would like to have an entire row transferred to another worksheet based upon a certain cell's value. For posting, I removed my actual user name and password and and used the generic " User Name " and " Password " highlighted in blue.

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