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When the Share Point Online tenant is provisioned, a My Site Host site collection is created.The profile pictures are stored in a document library that's named "User Photos." The pictures are stored in a folder inside the User Photo document library by having a file name extension.Use the Autodiscover service Get User Settings operation to retrieve the External Ews Url setting, which contains the URL of the Exchange Web Services (EWS) endpoint and the location of the HTTP handler that returns the user photos.Each size code indicates the height and width of the image in pixels.Loop through the attachments collection, checking the value of the Is Contact Photo property.When you find the contact photo, you can save it to your local computer, and your application can access it. This example assumes that service is a valid Exchange Service object and that the user has been authenticated to an Exchange server.

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Your application can use the EWS Managed API to retrieve photos for contacts, if the contact is stored in a contact folder in the user's mailbox.

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