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17-Aug-2020 13:31

Tweens and teens are at a sensitive age when they want to be more independent from their parents but also crave positive attention. Make sure your kid has positive connections outside the family and people to talk to -- and get support from -- during these years when they sometimes push you away.We send kids confusing messages about talking and meeting online: We share personal information on the internet all the time and use dating apps, sites, and chat rooms to eventually meet strangers.And creepy people aren't always total strangers; sometimes your kid knows them, but then things get weird -- or scary.

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This is also a good reason for teens to think about their digital footprints and the pieces of themselves they share online.Teens who share sexy pictures or lots of personal information online are more at risk to be approached by online predators.: It's hard (and great) for your kid to practice setting boundaries.And while it's nice to be polite if someone knows you in real life, you don't have to be nice if they aren't respecting your limits.

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It's better to block than to be nice and better to be safe than to be sweet.Christine Elgersma wrangles learning and social media app reviews and creates parent talks as Senior Editor, Parent Education.