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Projections of the FEER over a long horizon suggest that the petroleum wealth implies a stronger equilibrium exchange rate than the rate that would have balanced (non-petroleum) foreign trade in each period. Our results are in accord with the behaviour of the real exchange before and after the discovery of Norway’s petroleum resources.However, the FEER depreciates steadily over time with growth in imports relative to petroleum revenues and converges towards the rate that balances foreign trade. Built on the latest cloud technology, Kuebix delivers rapid implementations and a low TCO.It is often argued that Norway’s sizeable net foreign assets based on its petroleum wealth imply an appreciation of its real exchange rate to a permanently strong level.He’ll also look for certain electrolytes (chemicals that control important body functions).The results help him understand what’s causing your kidney failure. Some tests, like ultrasonography or a CT scan, can show whether your kidneys are enlarged or there’s a blockage in your urine flow.

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