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The outpouring of fan love spurred the songstress into action and she promptly began re-recording , it might as well have been the only one – the Mark Romanek-directed video is how the world remembers Apple best: all of 19, lithe and lolling around a poorly lit tract house in her underwear.Controversy ensued – critics assailed the singer for the creepy porn overtones, comic Janeane Garafalo mocked her for being too skinny.Apple’s ever-loyal fanbase assumed the corporate overlords at Sony were responsible for the hold up and rose up in protest.The "Free Fiona" campaign involved angry fans mailing hundreds of (foam) apples to the label offices to show that they weren’t going stand idly by, Fiona-less.with producer Jon Brion but was locked in a disagreement with her label, Sony, and was starting to consider other lines of work she might be better suited for.The early Jon Brion-produced version of the album had leaked to the internet, but it soon became clear that a proper release wasn’t forthcoming.When I was first introduced to Fiona Apple, I wasn’t old enough to know about most of the world’s evils.

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In an angelic white dress, her brunette hair tumbling down, Apple accepted the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist with a scorned, anguished look.It probably is the song that comes the most close to a “real” love song on the record, but there are still uncanny images (“crowbar”) and skepticism enough to make it a classic doubtful Fiona Apple song.Elvis Costello has covered this song in return for Fiona’s great cover of his “I Want You”. And perhaps the most radical thing about her: She does not care if she is forgotten.

In the age of the internet, this is a fear many of us share, but especially our musical artists.

At 15, I had no idea that I wouldn’t hear new Fiona Apple music again until I was legal drinking age.