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, Unit 10 Eating insects Discover why eating insects could be good for you, and why one man is on a mission to change our tastes . Unit 12 Japan Learn more about the history and traditions of Japan. Recently, Bella's family put their grandfather into a nursing home. In traditional China, caring for aged parents has always been an unavoidable duty, but times are changing. 'I want one day to put my parents in the best nursing home' - the best that money can buy, she means. Flat intonation often suggests a lack of emotion or interest. 1 When was the last time you bumped into someone that you hadn't seen for ages? During win ter nights, as they sat spurnin g wool, women kept each other company and entertained themselves with tales of advenhire, romance and magic. Vocabulary oil Reading 1 How many of these expressions do you know? Then read the article Which is shown in the photo above? Unit 7 Galapagos energy Unit 11 Paraguay shaman ~ Find out about the im pact of humans and tourism on the Galapagos Islands. 7 Unit 1 Relationships FEA T U R ES 10 1 Work in pairs. Choose the phrase you think best describes the photo. Changing attitudes among China's young generation 1 2 3 4 14 Bloodlines Two accounts of how family has shaped people's lives Blood is thicker than water A friend in need is a friend indeed Like father, like son No man is an island 3 fl 1.1 Listen to three people talking about important relationships in their lives. 2 Are they normally working animals, pets, wild animals or something else? 'When us that' Bella's father says, 'I thought - is it selfish to think she wi ll be a dutiful and caring daughter and look after us? Listen to these phrases and say if the intonation is expressive (E) or flat (F). Altogeth er, 40 such storytellers delivered tales to the Grimms, many of them coming to their house in Kassel. oil field oil slick oil refinery oil reserves oil tanker oil well and choose the sentence that best summarises Acosta's idea. Explain to each other the use of the verb forms in bold in sentences 1-10 using a-d from Exercise 5. 1 We come from d ifferent backgrounds but we ...................................................... 2 We don't have to do anything special, like going to a show.

Some say it happens when animals 6 have lived I have been living close to humans. They will I won't take a longer-term view of this problem. 6 If only I could speak I would speak better Spanish. 7 Sophie wishes that she had taken I would take a job with BP when she had the chance. Susanne 4 I really dislike having to write business reports. Elephants often 3 show I are showing concern for their social group, but there is one extraordinary scene w here the elephant becomes distressed w hen the dog gets injured. support -- supportive, rebel - • rebellious - 3 4 For further information and practice, see Workbook page 11 . 5 The tyres on my bicycle were badly worn and when I hit a bump in the road one of them burst. Notice how the underlined sounds are either linked as in been a or assimilated as in what did, where the t of what disappears and is replaced by the d of did. The oil companies destroy I don't destroy these natural riches. 6 People need to think about w hat w ill happen in the 6 Work in pairs. 3 Would you rather walk I walked or would you prefer we go I went in the car?