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It’s a chance for YEI’ers to connect and get to know one another in a meaningful way.Some Fridays we play various activities and quick fun office games to play in the office – a favorite is when we had to choose what spirit animal a team member would be and explain why.With a modern decor and laid back attitude it is clear we value and encourage creative thinking in all our employees.Some of the favorite activities here at Bright Fire are weekly Yoga sessions, and a Friday “Chat n’ Chew” where we discuss new ideas, or new technologies over a catered lunch.So once every couple of weeks (usually on a Wednesday, for “Wellness Wednesday”) we head on over to a local gym and take a class together.The classes vary, depending on what they’re offering that week and at the time we’re able to sneak out of the office.If you ask a lot of successful companies to define their culture, you’ll often hear something to the tune of “we work hard and play hard”.

Each person writes down a phrase, passes it to the left.Our close-knit and friendly feeling lends to an open-minded atmosphere for every one to bring forward ideas and new concepts.Overall Bright Fire does a lot to encourage a fun and creative environment for an equally fun and creative staff.Companies around the world are making their offices a place where people get lots done while also having fun too.

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So how can your company start injecting more fun into each day?Some of the topics have been “How to be a YEI brand ambassador” or “How to live out our company core values.” At Bright Fire we like to focus on creativity.