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My wife’s therapy has improved her mobility to the point where she can do all the necessary exercises at home. Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 4.5 | Words: 958 | Tags: sucking | 3 Comments With the end of one relationship, begins another.

Thus, in a month, we will be going back to Boulder. It had been eighteen months of uncertainty, kept apart by work, distance and spouses on both sides.

In the oncology section of the hospital he worked in, Dr. Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 4.88 | Words: 3,276 | Tags: anal oral sex | 4 Comments Theo wakes up to a morning surprise Theo opened his eyes to the early Greek sun streaming into the room through the thin curtains.

Johnson recognized his special talent with the terminal patients and often made mention of it to Darcy. He rolled, to see Raoul lying on his front beside him, his perfectly toned shoulders and tight buns glistening in the morning light.

The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!

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He lay there for a few moments, drinking in the view, feeling himself becoming aroused....

Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,184 | Tags: puerto rican gay anal hispanic british hotel room bareback | 4 Comments Theo meets a mystery man on a Greek holiday isle.

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