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You're being flirted with, and asked out, from all sorts of eligible cuties. Because I have heard guys in the manosphere say so over and over again.… Experts say multi dating or circular dating is a must and that every single woman out there must multiple date.

Although some people might view serial dating as sleazy or dishonest, dating multiple people at once can actually be.… In dating advice today, women are often told to date more than one guy at a time as a way to prevent getting too attached to any one guy until he gets attached to her. 'It isn't cheating, it's about keeping your options open,' said one.…

We came up with the idea for a self-help dating book called The Rules after many, many dinners with single girlfriends at the now-defunct Sung Chu Mein, a Chinese restaurant on the Upper East Side in New York City—it was sort of like Sex and the City, but before Sex and the City!

Like most women our age, we were career-minded with our own apartments, but we also wanted to get married.

They follow up, they text, we talk, make plans…it’s all good.

On the other hand, I don’t know how to manage this.

I don’t want to get into a relationship too quickly?

But I don’t know how much to say to these men, or not say because it’s so early in the relationship.

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