Hannah montana lilly and oliver dating episode part 1

02-Apr-2020 11:05

Jackson gets an interview with a university and lies about himself to the representative in order to have a better chance of admission.Miley tries to convince Lilly and Oliver that she likes being single, but they keep trying to set her up with dates.

She thinks because she lost her anklet that's why she is having all this bad luck. [sings] I'm super cute, super hot, I'm the girl you like a lot, I'm super super girl! Oliver: [He is rapping with other class-fellows of Miley] Here comes Miley Stewart, she passed the driver's test, she's kickin' it behind the wheel not walking like the rest, she can drive it home "say what say what", I said she can drive it home "say what say what", word and respect, the road! I'm voted Model Student of the Month, he's voted Australia Swimsuit Model of the Year! None of this means anything to me if I can't share it with you. Lilly: Well I'm down here by the beach where Oliver planned a picnic and a romantic sunset walk by the water and any chick flick I wanted, even the one when Orlando Bloom falls in love with a mermaid and sells his soul for gills and a flipper. Robbie: [Miley is driving her car; she has her driving test the next day.] You're doing good there bud, drivin' like a real pro. [thinks in his head] We're gonna die, we're gonna die! Yeah I got caught up in all of the attention but Miley's right.But Oliver was only saying that he loves Miley to practice so that he can say I love you to Lilly.

Jackson agrees to forgive and forget after Miley humiliates him, but she doubts his sincerity once the media finds out something shameful about Hannah.

Hannah pretends to date a celebrity she can't stand to get in the news.

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