Hillsborough county florida dating injunction

08-Apr-2020 13:35

There must be a legally sufficient incident of domestic violence.Domestic violence is defined as abuse against a person living in one’s household, especially a member of one’s immediate family, which includes but is not limited to the following types of conduct: • destruction of property• assault• threats• kidnapping, criminal restraint, or false imprisonment There are numerous triggers for domestic violence, and divorce is a major one.In this situation, there is a high probability that the restraining orders will be granted which can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s future employment, housing, parent-child relationship and certain constitutional rights so advice from an experienced Florida Family Law Attorney is imperative.Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or someone falsely accused, the court’s determination regarding the truth of such claims and the need for restraining orders will play a major factor in the outcome of your case.

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The fall out from a granted or denied injunction can last far into your divorce or paternity case.The only thing you have to establish is that the marriage is irreparably broken.