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The following cases are being pursued by the society and I post the contents verbatim from the society's website.

They later find out that she lied and that's why they are upset with her in Cabo. Apparently Jason is a total moron (another big surprise) but he gets any girl super sprung.More shockingly, there is hardly any move to punish the offence. It was the first such attempt at publicly soliciting help in exposing a fraud, and it succeeded in its purpose.There is plenty of information available on the internet about plagiarism in Science in India, and possibly the Geocities site of 2003 that garnered support for the case against B. The wikipedia article on scientific plagiarism in India is also comprehensive, but misses the VJ Gupta case altogether. Rajput, published in Europhysics Letters, 57 (2002) 639, should be considered withdrawn from publication. Apart from some well-known introductory review material (ending two sentences below eq.So in one night Alex M found out that her boyfriend is a cheater and gets arrested.

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The next day Kristen and her sidekick (I think t hat her name is Alex too?At the party (while Jason is supposedly still dating Alex M) one of Alex M's friends walked in on Jessica giving Jason h**d in the bathroom.