How to use cursors for updating in pl sql best dating sites for runners

09-Sep-2020 11:35

Many other programming languages including C# and Visual Basic are iterative or procedural programming languages whereby the general flow of things is to treat each instance of an object separately and when dealing with many objects one would tend to loop over the same code until the stack is diminished and processed.Cursors however, like WHILE loops, break away from the transactional nature of T-SQL and allow for programmers to treat each result of a SELECT statement in a certain way by looping through them.

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Just given above example for illustration purpose only. Multiple record and single column declare v_ename varchar2(20); Cursor Cur_ename is select empname from emp; begin Open Cur_ename; loop Fetch Cur_ename into v_ename; exit when Cur_ename%notfound; dbms_output.put_line(‘Employee Name –Paul This is a classic example.

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Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn about PL/SQL cursor and its usage.

In the IT Engineering world it is common place for people to learn languages like C#, VB, java, C or any other the other iterative-type languages before having to deal with SQL in any real/advanced way.

It is for this reason, and sadly so, that SQL Server cursors are often very prolific in some applications.The following illustration shows the execution cycle of an explicit cursor: Let’s examine each step in detail.